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OFIA Version 1.17

Posted: 09/14/17

The OFIA portal has been updated to version 1.17. This was a smaller release, mostly focused on administrative changes so that the OFIA support team can respond quicker and more effectively. Listed below is the full list of changes:

1. Allow multiple uploads (at the same time) for Drawings, Assembly Instructions and BOM.
2. Allow private providers that are restricted to specific customers only.
3. Better error message when your account is locked out verses just a bad username/password.
4. Increased the number of failed login attempts before being locked out.
5. Global header search now includes locked accounts.
6. Additional administrative options under Quote Helper.
7. Provide customer warning message when award rate is low.
8. Added a "Cancel After Awarded" job status.
9. New customer setting to notify administrators if company starts a new quote (blended customers).
10. Bug Fix: List of users not counting linked accounts in company management.