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OFIA Version 1.27

Posted: 04/29/19

The OFIA team is pleased to announce the release of OFIA version 1.27. This update included a re-working of the customer dashboard. The main landing page for customers has been reworked to make it easier to see and manage your quotes/jobs from a glance. In addition, the release also included the following changes:
1. The job Start Date is now including on the PDF reports.
2. Customers can select attachments that are always automatically added to new quotes.
3. Always show all providers within a 50 mile radius - not just 4 or 5.
4. Major rework of the customer dashboard, includes:
5. -- Incomplete section hidden if there are no incomplete quotes.
6. -- Make all of the column's sortable by clicking on the column header.
7. -- View the provide POC information for each job.
8. -- Show the Start Date, but also allow the update of all dates without having to go into the job.
9. -- See any Customer Sign Off PDFs without going into the job.
10. -- Be able to close a job from the dashboard if needed.
11. -- Allow filtering of quotes/jobs by the provider POC.
12. In the Overview reports, if a quote has a multiple option bid, show the lowest amount possible.
13. Include End User Address on Overview reports export.
14. Several administrative reports can now be exported to Excel.
15. Add administrative capabilities to view distance between an End User location and a provider's address.
16. Bug Fix: When a provider enters a bid, but forget to select a POC/location, the bid must be submitted a second time.
17. Bug Fix: After creating a new quote, if you click on the BACK button in the browser, OFIA can create a duplicated quote.
As always, if there are any questions or comments, please let the OFIA support team know.