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OFIA Version 1.18

Posted: 10/30/17

The OFIA portal has been updated to version 1.18 and includes many features designed to make it quicker and simpler for users to manage their quotes and jobs. Listed below is the full list of changes:
1. Can now print a "Fully Summary" archival PDF that includes all of the details from the job.
2. Add the provider contact information on the printed PDF reports.
3. Can now change both the Project Type and Exception List for an existing job.
4. Allow administrators to easily un-delete a quote.
5. Allow administrators to easily un-cancel a job.
6. Require the user's primary phone number in their profile.
7. Capture and display a general phone number for a company.
8. Administrators can more easily update a company name if needed.
9. On the company contact form, allow a user to select a relevant job. If none selected, list the most recent 10 in the resulting email.
10. Add additional consistency so that providers cannot see the answers other providers have given on questions, but make it more clear that it was answered (and just hidden).
11. Allow providers to search and view bids that they did not win.
12. Allow customers to easily post a new comment to providers that have not yet bid on a quote.
13. Administrators can search and review deleted companies quicker and more consistently.
14. Bug Fix: Adding new provider address sometimes causing a validation error.
15. Bug Fix: Error when updating End User fields without a Customer PO value in some rare cases.
16. Bug Fix: Printing the system generated PO for a quote with multiple bid options was not correct.