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OFIA Version 1.21

Posted: 03/12/18

The OFIA portal was updated on March 12, 2018 to version 1.21. In this release, you can now specify multiple POCs per job. Those additional POCs will get notifications and alerts just like the primary POC. In addition, we updated the FAQ section under Help/FAQ to answer more frequently asked questions. The full list of changes is below.
1. Allow multiple "Additional POCs" to be added to the job.
2. Remove restrictions to only send new quote notifications to providers that have viewed it.
3. Make the Main Phone Number on the company profile page mandatory.
4. Change the header "Help!" to "Help/FAQ".
5. Refresh the FAQ with added questions and answers.
6. Reduce the amount of emails that are sent on closed and reviewed jobs.
7. Allow administrators to close jobs easier from Quote Helper.
8. Allow administrators to edit/delete quote comments.
9. Allow administrators to edit/delete quote questions.
Please contact the OFIA support team for additional information!