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OFIA 2.7 Released

Posted: 08/10/20

The OFIA team is pleased to announce a large update to the OFIA site. We added many tweaks, changes and updates to better unify the FacilityNET and OFIA programs together and to make it easier and simpler to work on than ever before.
1: The View Description Differences report is now sorted from oldest to newest.
2: Make the OFIA fee consistently applied as 5% of the total.
3: Tweak to administrative Project Helper screen to relocate the Confirm Amount dialogs.
4: Remove the Time and Materials bid option.
5: Remove the Closed Out Date.
6: Confirm that the Web API consistently uses driving mileage when fining the closest providers.
7: Also include the estimated driving mileage when using Search Providers based on a zip code only.
8: Revalidate that an initially selected provider is within service range after the end user address is added.
9: Require a project title when creating a new quote request.
10: Capture the creator of a new quote more effectively.
11: Change the "Reset Password" functionality to copy the OFIA support team and make content consistent with INet.
12: Add additional searching capability in the Web API logging.
13: Small textual tweaks to the Provider Invoice email text.
14: Added administrative report for the last 250 projects created.
15: Bug Fix: The View Description Differences report sometimes had a blank entry if the quote was saved multiple times before a description was entered.
16: Bug Fix: Clicking on the "Ask Others" link causing an error for OFIA administrators.
17: Bug Fix: Notifications could sometimes go to the wrong provider for documents sent to OFIA via email.
18: Bug Fix: Some visibility issues could occur in rare conditions.