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OFIA 2.8 Released

Posted: 10/15/20

The OFIA team announces the 2.8 release of the OFIA website. This update included some functional tweaks and changes, but was mostly to improve administrative capability. The full list of changes is below:
1: "Project Description Changed" emails are more careful about checking for actual changes to the text before sending notifications.
2: Added a disclaimer on the OFIA emails explicitly stating not to put pricing in emails/comments only.
3: Add administrative function to update project POCs globally.
4: Project Tracker now displays provider bids, with the ability to update/remove details.
5: Project Tracker now displays and allow edits to Canceled date.
6: Update help desk phone number.
7: Provide a banner hint for providers that log into OFIA without any projects that their service provider jobs are on INet.
8: Update server HTTP response headers to updated Best Practices.
9: Tweak restricted upload document types list.
10: Bug Fix: Re-opening a canceled job now cleared the Canceled date.