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OFIA 2.9 Released

Posted: 11/07/20

The latest OFIA update was released today. The primary focus of this release is to update the mail server backend. We have migrated to Office 365 email services. The rest of the changes in this release are below:
1: Add service provider logos to Work Order PDF.
2: Added End User Info on new quote request emails.
3: Removed capability of self-service logo updates. Must now go through FacilityNet or the OFIA support team.
4: Remove reset password link. Must now go through the OFIA support team.
5: Remove Deadline Date fields.
6: Remove reference to the provider walk through video.
7: The OFIA email server has been migrated to O365.
8: Bug Fix: Updating a non-restricted comment (no visibility set) in Project Helper causing an error.
9: Bug Fix: Pricing tab issue in some administrative cases.
10: Bug Fix: Error updating the customer PO on an estimate in Project Helper.