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OFIA Version 1.25

Posted: 11/21/18

The OFIA team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.25. This release enabled other applications to integrate with OFIA through an open API. This release specifically enabled this connection with dealership customers using the Furniture Command Center application. Now, users can perform all of the functions directly inside of Furniture Command Center as they could on the portal. Additional integrations to follow. A complete list of changes is below:

1. Allow Furniture Command Center dealerships to use OFIA directly through FCC without going to
2. Add additional information to the email body when uploaded invoices are forwarded to AP contacts.
3. Create an open API to allow third party applications (like Furniture Command Center) to utilize OFIA.
4. Bug Fix: Error when attempting to pay a $0 invoice.
5. Bug Fix: Sporadic error when uploading multiple documents.
6. Bug Fix: Users with multiple accounts were not appearing on the Manage Users page.

Please contact the OFIA Support Team if you have any questions or comments!