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OFIA Version 1.31

Posted: 09/09/19

The latest version of OFIA has been released. This release packaged together lots of small changes through the application to improve the user experience in lots of areas. The complete list of changes is below:
1. Be able to specifically search for punch jobs.
2. Enable uploading of attachments after the job is closed/reviewed.
3. Auto-delete NBF quotes at 60 days without provider notifications.
4. Enable a nag prompt to alert a user that doesn't have a primary phone number to go into their profile and add it.
5. Be able to cancel a bid request if a provider declines to bid, removing them from the request.
6. Make sure that the delete button is always available on quotes.
7. Administrative: Break out map/geo Google keys.
8. Administrative: Add quote volume to METRIC report.
9. Bug Fix: The second option in a multiple bid submission sometimes drops a decimal place.
10. Bug Fix: A few scenarios exist where a user can update a profile without a primary phone number.
11. Bug Fix: Auto responder can cause errors if they contain bogus attachments.
As always, contact the OFIA support team if you have any questions or comments about this release.