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OFIA Version 1.32

Posted: 11/12/19

The latest version of OFIA has been released. We removed the capability of providers to register on OFIA. They should now continue to work through InstallNET to become a validated OFIA provider. We also added lots of anti-spam measures to decrease spam on the public OFIA forms. The complete list of changes is below:
1. Include deleted quotes in global searches.
2. Enable the Bid History button for active jobs.
3. Allow companies to add comments, questions and documents to closed/reviewed jobs.
4. Additional trimming and signature block image removal for auto-posting emails.
5. Restrict company addresses display to the top 25.
6. Automatically delete customer specific quotes after 9 months without notifications.
7. Add anti-spam measures in new user creation requests.
8. Add anti-spam measures in email signup updater list.
9. Remove provider registration capabilities and replace with instructions to contact INet team.
10. Additional debugging and logging to capture why some users are getting logged out too frequently.
11. Bug Fix: When viewing the Bid History for awarded jobs, the Summary Status column is not labeled correctly.
As always, contact the OFIA support team if you have any questions or comments about this release.