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OFIA Version 1.33

Posted: 11/20/19

The latest version of OFIA has been released. This release was focused on changing how the OFIA fee calculates. Previously, the OFIA fee only recalculated when the job scope decreased. Now, the OFIA fee will always recalculate when the job scope changes. This should help eliminate confusion on the OFIA fee as the job scope is adjusted. The complete list of changes is below:
1. Changed how the OFIA transaction fees are calculated when the job scope change. Now the OFIA fee will always recalculate, for any change, to reduce confusion.
2. Update the authentication schemes to better prevent unwanted log outs of OFIA.
3. Increased the anti-spam measures in creating a new account.
As always, contact the OFIA support team if you have any questions or comments about this release.