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OFIA Version 1.20

Posted: 02/13/18

The OFIA portal update recently updated to version 1.20. This release was focused on improving and streamlining some of the customers actions - specifically on their dashboard - to make things easier and quicker. In addition, we have enabled Single Sign On with Furniture Command Center, a furniture dealership software package.

Below is the full list. Feel free to contact our support team with any questions or comments.

1. Several UI consistency updates, specifically to buttons and links.
2. Filtered out the "Out of Office" emails that were automatically posting to the comments section.
3. The customer dashboard has been tweaked in several ways to make it easier to take actions without having to go into each project.
4. Made it easier for a customer to cancel a quote request that they did not win.
5. The customer can now edit the Project Name even for active jobs.
6. Enabled Single Sign On with Furniture Command Center.
6. Bug Fix: Sending invoices to not always forwarding correctly.
7. Bug Fix: Auto responding emails that had attachments with invalid names was not handled correctly.