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OFIA Version 1.26

Posted: 02/20/19

The OFIA team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.26. This release had many features commonly requested by both customers and providers. The main change is the removal of the “Hourly” bid option that has been replaced with “Time and Materials”. In addition, customers can now have greatly flexibility in how they select providers – for example, they can always select providers they have worked with before, even if it might have been outside of their service radius. Both customers and providers can now update the End User information at any time. Lastly, the mobile view of has been updated to make it easier to navigate around the site. The complete list of changes is below:

1. Depreciated the "Hourly" bid option and replaced with "Time and Materials" option.
2. Generally updated the forms to have more easily readable labels.
3. Improve the mobile view, especially the top half with the navigation section.
4. Update the Quote Overview report to make it easier to find punch jobs.
5. Allow customers to override the default search radius.
6. Allow customers to always select a provider they have previously worked with, even if outside of the service radius.
7. Allow company administrators to view emails sent from OFIA to any of their users.
8. Providers should now also be able to update the End User information.
9. Providers can now print their monthly OFIA Transaction fee invoice before it's paid.
10. Hide the details of the provider list to new customers until they create a quote.
11. Add the company name to outgoing emails in addition to the user's name.
12. Update the Email Log to show additional information without having to expand each message.
13. Auto responder should allow administrator to indicate a sign off (in addition to invoice).
14. Users can now have an alternate email to better tag auto-responder emails.
15. Admin - Manage Users now requires you to pick a company name instead of free text.
16. Admin - OFIA Portal admins through assigned through the Manage User interface.
17. Admin - When creating a new user, you must pick the company immediately.
18. Admin - Added "Soliciting Providers" as a Trouble Tracker item.
19. Admin - Customer/provider metrics have been reworked.
20. Bug Fix: Admin - Manage Users not showing linked accounts if the company name doesn't match exactly.
21. Bug Fix: When auto responding to email, check if user is provider or customer on current job, not generally.
22. Bug Fix: Making any update to a quote/job should reset the inactive quote/job counter to 0.
23. Bug Fix: Descriptions have too many line breaks in them.

Please contact the OFIA Support Team if you have any questions or comments!