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OFIA Version 1.24

Posted: 10/16/18

OFIA 1.24 has been released today and it's our biggest release of the year. Included in this update are all sorts of requested changes. These include things like the ability to select specific people to receive quote requests per location, automatically closing quotes/jobs after a certain threshold, auto-selecting specific fields on new quote creation and much much more. Please visit contact the OFIA staff for more information or a walk through of any of the changes. Listed below is a complete list of changes:

1. Allow the collection and display of a second End User series of fields.
2. Can now view the original bid responses even after the job is awarded.
3. Ensure that a bid of $0 cannot be submitted. The value must be greater than $0.
4. Add a button to validate an End User address to USPS standards.
5. Greatly increased the flexibility of notifications, including being able to control who gets notifications for which location.
6. Allow non-OFIA users to receive the email to pay OFIA related fees.
7. Allow non-OFIA users to pay any OFIA fees without logging into OFIA.
8. Can edit the End User information in the quote (waiting for bid) phase.
9. Added automatic notifications for inactive quotes (both with/without a bid). This allows for inactive quotes to eventually be automatically deleted if inactive for very long periods of time.
10. Added automatic notifications for inactive jobs. This allows for jobs to be automatically closed if inactive for very long periods of time.
11. Automatically archive closed jobs that are waiting for a review after six months.
12. Company administrators can now easily globally switch the POC assigned to quote/jobs all at once.
13. Display the Job Coordinator Phone/Email for OFIA Admins to assist with incomplete requests.
14. Add administrative reports to better see outstanding provider invoices.
15. Terminology updates on several notifications.
16. Provide an easier way to "un-delete" users accounts.
17. Switch the administrative Public Feedback page to non-responsive, so that it's easier to view.
18. Add Google reCaptcha to contact page to reduce SPAM.
19. Remove the "Quick Contact Form" on the OFIA front page and redirect to the main "Contact Us" page.
20. Update the profile Google Maps view (updated API).
21. Added user preferences to save commonly used values when creating a new quote.
22. Bug Fix: Notifications incorrectly going to to deleted user accounts.
23. Bug Fix: Not refreshing the distance lookup when the end user location is updated.
24. Bug Fix: Certified Provider badge becoming unselected when other badges are manipulated in the company profile.